Filmmaker mode and HDR10 + adaptive modes from Samsung QLED TVs

Filmmaker mode and HDR10 + adaptive modes from Samsung QLED TVs

How exciting would be that if the movies and those exciting series are viewed, just as intended by the director!  That possibility of the past has now become a reality. Samsung introduces their new series of QLED TVs which are going to feature HDR10 + adaptive as well as Filmmaker modes.  These two features are uniquely developed so that it works hand in hand for the quality enhanced display experience for its users.

The call here is that, HDR content can only be viewed in its perfection on a darkened environment, much similar to the experience we have in the theatres.  Unfortunately most of the viewers could not have the luxury of such a perfect location for viewing.  This issue is resolved by the introduction of new HDR10 adaptive lighting sensor to optimize each and every scene regardless of the external lighting conditions that are viable to be varied among the users. In collaboration with Amazon, Samsung had made its groundwork to ensure the smooth playback of all HDR content on Prime video to be delivered as HDR10+, this includes the 4K titles.

As the name suggests Filmmaker mode enables the viewers enjoy the watching of TV shows and movies in Samsung QLED TV, the way filmmakers intended it to be portrayed.  This can be a groundbreaking innovation as it enhances the way of naturality being portrayed in an art.  To add further proof to the wholehearted welcoming from the other platforms, it can be seen that more HDR10+ contents are being produced from the universal pictures entertainment along with the competing giants in the field.  Meanwhile Samsung is on its consistent way of progress and innovations in their technology for its users.


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