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Finally Huawei Gets Relief

From the past couple of weeks, the Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei was having sleepless nights and the company was struggling hard to sustain in the industry after facing the ban in the United States, which led to a breakdown with the US tech companies including Google and more. However, now the company gets relief, as the president of the United States confirm that US companies can able to continue their business with the Chinese giant.

At the G20 summit, the U.S. President Donal Trump met with the Chinese president Xi Jinping and has agreed that the United States will not implement new tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese imports “at least for the time being.”

He also confirmed that the US companies can able to continue their business with Huawei, which means they can sell their products and services to the company as long as the sales did not involve in any equipment which will affect the security of the United States. The confirmation immediately ends the ban which imposed on the Chinese tech giant.

However, Trump also said that the decision to take Huawei off the Commerce Department’s “entities list” would be left to later, and he will have a meeting on Tuesday on the same. He also suggested that fully lifting the Huawei ban would be dependent on a deal that these two countries reach.

So, this is a Win-Win situation for both the ends. As far as, the United States’s tech companies were in the fear that if the ban continues, the Chinese Government and the tech companies can able to rebuild a different supply chain and this will affect the United States companies very badly and it will also affect the United States economy. On the other hand, Huawei can now continue their setup without going for any third party or its own operating system because now Google can able to provide their services just like earlier.

And now customers can also purchase devices of the Chinese tech giant without any confusion or fear in the mind because now you will get all the Google services, and we hope that this situation will not happen ever in the future.

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