Four Essential Finance Apps for Your Mobile

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With so much to spend your money on in the modern world, there is little surprise that budgeting apps have become important.

Life is all about spending, on food, on leisure, and on your future. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of where your money is going, especially with bills coming online, rather than through the post. If you have also borrowed in the past, managing payments, interest and the cost-effective methods of repayment can be tricky. India is the world’s second-largest internet market and online payments, such as those provided by WhatsApp, can make spending easy and tracking your funds much more complicated.

Luckily, there is an app for that. In fact, there are several which can help you keep track of your finances, whether it is home budgeting, saving money, repaying what you have borrowed or simply helping you save small amounts and invest them in the future. We have previously explored the subject in our article How to Use Technology to Own Your Finances, generally briefing you on the possibilities with technology and your financial management. You may want to be more specific, managing your outgoings on the move on a mobile device. If so, here are four great apps you should consider if you want to save money.


Walnut money manager is a superb app which helps you track your spending and much, much more. Much like other popular paysites, it allows you to transfer money to friends and even make credit card payments directly from the app. It can also link to your bank accounts, giving you scope to check all your bank account balances instantly without using internet data. There is even a facility to set bill reminders, so you are never late paying a bill again.

Petal Card

Tracking payments is standard for any useful app on this list, which is something offered by this app, which is linked to your Petal Credit Card. The Petal Card mobile app doesn’t just let you manage your finances, it also has handy features such as identifying cashback opportunities near you. Another handy function is an overview of how much interest you are to pay, and how your credit score is improved over time, something that has traditionally been difficult to track in real-time. You can also set a budget monthly and, crucially, you get an instant 1% cashback when you make payments on time.


YNAB, You Need a Budget, claims to be unlike any other personal finance app or expense tracker, because it is based on their own method titled YNAB’s four rules. It is an American app, available worldwide, which is why the first rule is to give every dollar a job. Essentially, it gets you to allocate your money to a category, meaning you do not have any to play with. Using it outside the United States does mean you cannot connect to accounts to sync transactions, but you can work around that by pairing it with a banking app.


Whilst some budgeting apps can be complex and seemingly need a degree to get them started, Fudget holds the ease of use as its USP. There are no categories to manage, no charts or graphs to fight with, just a straightforward interface getting you straight to the heart of your finances. It is a universal app, running on iOS and Android, and holds simplicity at its core. Set weekly or monthly budgets and edit them with a single tap.

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