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Google adds in-app direct messaging and sharing features in YouTube

Google has announced another service inside YouTube which includes in-app direct messaging and sharing the video.



The old update which featured share the video in the app has got a new update which allows users to send video and chat about the video with their friends in-app.the app shows people which the user contacted recently and with some suggestion for people to add your chat by simply adding the contacts from the phone book or sending an invite link to them.

This feature is similar to that of Instagram which had implemented its direct messaging feature long back. Since YouTube is a platform for watching videos, Google is trying to improve its field of activity through a big area by implementing the direct messaging feature.By this feature, the user could share the video and share the video with their friends or the loved ones.Google is also trying to add an ability to control the video playback speed for the Mobile App.

Along with this, the YouTube is also ready to revamp its UI that the future update will allow the video to fill the entire screen for some smartphone which has longer displays. Let’s wait for the fully fresh new aged YouTube soon.

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Source: YouTube

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