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Google Announces Chrome OS With Split-Screen For Tablets And More

Google Announces Chrome OS With Split Screen For Tablets And More

Chrome OS, the Google’s operating system which is based on the Linux kernel and it powers the Google Chromebooks. Well, today the Mountain View company Google announces the latest version of the Chrome OS i.e. Version 67, and it brings lots of new features including the split-screen for tablets. So, without wasting any time let’s dive into the article to know about the latest version of Chrome OS.

Here are the new features of the Chrome OS version 67:

With the latest version of the Chrome OS 67, the developers of the operating system brings the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and with this support, can now be installed as stand-alone apps. Which means now the web pages doesn’t need to run in the Chrome browser tab, as now they will have their own window and behave like a native app. Having said that, the support for the PWA was in the latest Windows 10 update.

Moreover, the developers of the Chrome OS also brings extra things to PWAs, like the shareable URLs and the support for the Google Cast. The new update will also allow switching between PWAs with your regular shortcuts, which means there are no changes in the keyboard functionality.

Apart from this, the latest version of the Chrome OS 67 also brings some features for tablets, as the operating system has “Touchable Material Design 2.0 Chrome” it is an element like tabs, new tab button, and bookmarks which will be easier to tap, the OS also brings the support for the split-screen, and it will definitely improve the productivity on tablets.

The new version of the OS, also has feedback reports on the sign-in screen, it also has a clean Bluetooth list, also coming with inline touchable folders in the launcher, now the Chrome OS will support the zipping files on Drive via the Files app, it also brings the power menu shortcuts, and now allows to select-to-speak to have specific text read aloud. Furthermore, the latest update also brings the patches for the second Spectre variant for ARM devices on 4.4 kernels.

Speaking about the availability of latest version, Google already started to roll out the new version of Chrome OS, which means you will able to update the latest version very soon.

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