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Google Chrome’s Ad-blocking feature will be available beyond US, Canada and Europe soon

Google’s Adblocking feature which is currently available in US, Canada, and Europe will be expanding its global market this year. From July, this year Google Chrome will filter all online ads which don’t comply with new standards according to Coalition for Better Ads.

Image result for Google Ad-blocking

The CBA Standards were brought into effect in order to improve the user experience while browsing. Earlier in 2018 December, Google has introduced this feature in Google Chrome version 71 which blocked ads breaching the advertising guidelines. The guidelines were so simple with 12 types of ad experiences users find annoying or disruptive.

A diagram of twelve types of bad advertising practices.

As we already know that Google is always finding the best of its function, caring most of the User’s experience.  As it was tested in the US, Canada, and Europe for the past period, Now the Ad-blocking feature will be provided in a global market step by step.

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