Google Drive uses new interface powered by AI

Google has updated Drive’s interface with the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve the file search.

Storing a digital file is always a good one to save your file against physical destruction. Drive is the simplest cloud storing platform to store all your digital documents. But finding a document from a ton of files is an annoying action. However, we can search the specific file by searching the file name.

To make this easier, Google has updated its Drive with the power of Artificial Intelligence in organizing the files intelligently. The Shared with me section using AI helps users find the files they have shared. To say it in simple words, this is similar to the Quick access menu.

The AI predicts the files which people used to search most often by the usage of the owner. This updated version is expected to reach online over next week. In my opinion,  Google has properly used the AI as an essential function rather than using for very high-grade technologies or using it with Camera for improved picture quality.


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