Google Maps Gets Massive Update On 15th Birthday

Google Maps Gets Massive Update On 15th Birthday

The Mountain View company Google launched the maps service in 2005 and it becomes one of the most important parts of human life, as everyone uses the Google Maps to navigate across the various cities of the world and it is the most favourite navigator across the globe without any different choice. Today Google Maps celebrate its 15th birthday and to make this occasion an unforgettable one, Google updates it in a massive way. So, let’s check out all the new implementations of Google Maps.

Happy Birthday Google Maps

As I mentioned above, Google has updated its Maps in a massive way and that includes a new icon as well. The company also shared a video that shows the complete evolution of the icon. The developers of Google Maps also the ditches the hamburger menu from the application and now implements two more tabs at the bottom, now you will get a total of 5 tabs on menus at the bottom part of the Google Maps. Let’s check out each and every new tab of the application.

Starting with Explore, this is the place where you can find the new places which will be based on the personal recommendations and it also allow you to search for restaurants along with highlighting parts of a city and reviews. Followed by Commute, you will get there this tab to find the best way to transport to your destination. After that, you will see a tab called Saved and this is the place where you can find all the saved places, reservations, and the plans which you made for the upcoming trips. Now the application will serve you a Contribute tab, and this is a place where you can submit your reviews along with adding information to the missing part of a particular place. Finally, you will get the Updates tab, and that will show a feed of trending places nearby and it will also help to discover new places and also to get in touch with businesses.

Having said that, the developers have updated the Transit features, along with the information of live arrival times and crowdedness predictions, Google Maps will offer now offer temperature information in advance and that will be very helpful. The latest update will also provide the new accessibility information which will help you to know which train or bus lines will offer accessible entrances and whether you will get the attendants to help disabled movers.

Moreover, the company also added country-specific features too and that has a Women’s section which will push information about transit lines with designated women’s sections. And you will also offer the Security info and that will offer information of various parts of the transit system that are monitored by either cameras or a live security guard.

The search engine giant Google is expanding the Live View navigation in more parts of the world “over the coming months”. The company will bring the new add-ons to both the Android and iOS platform and the update will change the icon and the changes need server-side flip.

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