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Google Play Store Shows Top Chart Ranks Of App

Google updates Play Store interface with Top chart ranks of apps along with the release dates. Google is beta testing the new feature which shows the Top App’s chart ranking along with the original date of release. When you open an app listing on your Play Store, you’ll come to see the top charts of the apps along with the category. So there will be separate app listing under a different category.

This feature is only available only on Play Store app not on the Desktop version. This will surely help users to find their apps among a cluster of apps available online. This feature will be a guide to those who use Smartphones for the first time.

Apart from this, Google has also updated the details of the Apps. Yes, now you can also see the original date of release of the apps on the Play Store. These details will do nothing with the app however, Google has taken in hands and updated the details. Did you see the new feature in the Play Store? If yes, please do let us know your experience with the feature and also do the listing is arranged properly?

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