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Google Reportedly Working On A Game Streaming Service

The tech giant Google provides almost all kinds of services at the present time, and almost each and every service of Google is using by all of us, and the most important thing is each and every service which the Mountain View company provides are equally useful. And now we are getting reports which says, that the search engine giant is now developing a new service which is targeted for the game lovers.

According to an article by The Information, the company actually plans for a subscription-based game streaming service which will involve a Made by Google gaming console and the secretly working service is codenamed ‘Yeti‘. And the service is similar to the PlayStation Now or Nvidia’s GeForce Now, it would allow users to stream games from the Cloud servers and it may also feature a hardware controller.

Right now, there is no much information is available regarding the new service. But an interesting information which we have is, Google recently appointed Phil Harrison as a VP and manager in the hardware division of Google. And he is a most experienced person in the gaming industry, as he worked almost 20 years for Sony and Microsoft for building the gaming console. If we read today’s information and the appointment together, then we can assume that the tech giant Google is all set to make Mr Harrison as the head of Google’s gaming console.

And if this is going to happen then Google is not going to face things easy and calm in this field, as there are lots of game streaming services are already available. And few of them are like PlayStation which I mentioned above, are all doing really a good job. It will be really great to see the competition gets, even more, harder and from the point users point of view, this news is going is really a delighting one because when the competition gets harder you will get more service and more features, which is a common and basic concept.

And when Google steps its foot in a new industry, we can expect something huge. So, let’s hope that the tech giant Google will launch this kind of service in near future and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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