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Google Strengthen Its Apps And Platform At Google I/O 2019

Usually, Google discusses the software and introduce new features to its applications and platform at its developer’s conference. However, this year the company used the platform for unveiling its hardware products along with strengthened its applications and the platform. Well, along with new devices the company has also announced lots of things for its Search, Assistant, Maps. and more at the stage of the prestigious event. So, without wasting anything lets dig into the article to check out all the new features to make its app and platform powerful.

Google Assistant

At the stage of Google I/O, the search engine giant Google has announced a new feature called “Picks For You,” “Personal References,” and assignable reminders for the Assistant.

The new “Picks For You feature will allow users to ask personal places, upcoming events, and podcast. It also allows you to ask questions like ‘what should I cook for dinner’ and it will give the personalized recommendation. You can utilize this feature on all the Google Assistant power products like a Google Home, smart displays, and smartphones.

Moving to the “Personal References” will allow you to ask questions like “What’s the weather at Mom’s house today” when you’ve added her address to your Contacts app. You can even ask for more advanced things like “Remind me to order flowers a week before Mom’s birthday.”

The “Assignable Reminders”, finally allows you to ask Google to remind other members to do important stuff like pay the bills.

Waze – Soon you guys can able to access all the needful features of the Google Assistant with your favourite Waze features like reporting crashes and more.

Assistant Driving Mode – This feature is heading to all the smartphones which are powered by Google Assistant and this may be to replace the Android Auto.

The Driving Mode will be enabled with a command to Assistant “Let’s drive.” Your phone will instantly switch over to a minimalist scrolling UI with useful links and actions. It will update with the traffic info at the top, followed by navigation, calls, and media.

Next-Gen Google Assistant

The tech giant Google has announced that the Google Assistant will be faster and work on-device with its next generation. The company said that it reduces 100 GB of voice samples and language modeling into half a gigabyte and it can now save locally on devices, which means the voice queries can now be responded to immediately and in this way the company will make its next-generation Google Assistant faster than ever. Having said that, the next generation Google Assistant will be available later this year to the Google Pixel devices, which means we can expect this at the Made by Google event.

Other Changes

The company announced that Google Assistant is getting more powerful and deeper app and service integration, which means we can expect that it will give more support to third-party applications and help users to do things quickly. That’s not all, the company is also working on Google Assistant to make voice interactions functional for those with impaired speech.

Google also revealed that Google Assistant will soon support 16 more Smart home devices and it is compatible with more than 30000 connected devices, the company is also working to make the Google Assistant even more interactive on smart displays.

Google Lens

The tech giant announced that more interactive features are coming to the Google Lens like when you point Lens to check, it will bring a calculator overlay which allows you to calculate.

Google Duplex

The Google Duplex is already made a big noise when it was announced for the first time, and now at Google I/O 2019, the company making it more powerful and bring it to the web. It can able to carry out the task like rental car reservations and movie tickets.

Search And Apps

Along with the Google Assistant, the company has strengthened its search and applications. At the Google I/O 2019 event, the company has announced that richer Google news and podcast content is coming to the search and this will definitely going to help users to discover and enjoy contents. The company will also bring 3D models to the search results, this will help users to realize things in a better way.

The company will add incognito mode in Google Maps, this will give privacy to the users. The Map application will also be treated with AR walking navigation and this feature is coming to the Pixel devices very soon and others have to wait because the feature will hit later this year.

Google also announced that the enhanced the data and privacy controls feature is coming to the Google account of every user and the company also says that its Google Play Protect scans billions of apps for Malware in a day.

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