Google Testing Call Screening Feature In Phone App

Spammers gonna have a tough time...

Google testing a new lightweight search app

The Google Phone app is the most important application of every Smartphone, and the company has already tested many features in the Phone app to reduce the spamming calls. Well, now the company is testing another feature called Call Screening, and it’s going to more effective.

Thanks to the guys at Android Police, as they discovered the upcoming feature in the APK teardowns of Google Phone version 22. And the strings of the app, says that the call screening feature would force anyone calling from a number which is not in the user’s contact list or suspicious numbers to answer one or more automated questions, which starts from their name.

Having said that, a user can listen to the “real-time audio transcription” and decide to attend the call. And, the recipient can also listen to the responses live and accept/reject the call accordingly. Furthermore, the strings confirm that the feature doesn’t require data or Wi-Fi to work.

Currently, there is no information about the availability of this feature in the final version of the Google Phone. However, if you are eager to use the feature then you can keep your eyes on the beta version of the application. Do let us know your thoughts about the new feature in the comments section below!