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Google To Shutdown YouTube Messages

Shutting down service is not a new thing for the tech giant Google, the company has closed many of its popular apps and services and applications. Well, the YouTube messages feature is the new one is going to the cemetery of the Mountain View company Google. The company has announced that the YouTube messages feature will be killed on September 18.

Google has issued a notice and that now appearing within the application when you go to the inbox, and it confirms that the feature will be shut down on September 18 and the company also offers more information about the same when a user tap on the ‘Learn More’ button.

The company also provides instructions to download a copy of your conversations. As I mentioned above, shutting down service is not a new thing for Google. As the company usually do the same thing whenever it feels that the feature or service is not performing well. So, if you are a fan of YouTube messages then this will be a piece of bad news for you but we are helpless in this and don’t forget to make a copy of your messages before September 18.

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