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We open multiple websites in a day and that includes social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and other essential websites such as Gmail. Sometimes you also need to open your official work-related websites. Having said that, we need to open every website when we open the computer for the first time but if you are someone who feels lazy like me to open each and every website then I have a trick for you. The Windows 10 operating system allows users to open multiple websites with a single click on a desktop shortcut and that will open all the websites on your desired Browser. So, without making any further delay let’s dive into the article to check out the handiest trick which will improve productivity as we can open websites in a short time.

How to open multiple websites with one click

To create a desktop shortcut to open multiple websites with a single click, you need to open Notepad which can be opened by clicking the Start menu or press Windows + R button and type Notepad then press the ‘Enter’ button.

Now just copy paste the following code and replace the URL with your preferred ones.

@echo off




Now just save this file with the .bat extension i.e. dailyhits.bat file. Once you save the file, double click it, you will notice that the all the links opened in your default browser in multiple tabs.

Having said that, if you want to open the links in multiple browsers, for example, if you want to open one particular link in different Browser and other links in your default browser then it can also be done with the same trick but only Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome supports the facility.

Open Notepad and copy paste the following code and replace the URL with your preferred ones.

@echo off

start chrome

start microsoft-edge

And if you want a particular link to be opened in a new window instead of a new tab then you can copy paste the following code in the document.

start chrome -new-window

So, that is the way, now you can easily open multiple websites with a simple shortcut that you can save on your desktop as well. If you find any problem then do let us know in the comments section below and we will be happy to help you, Having said that, you can check out for more helpful articles which will make your life easy.

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