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Here Are The Upcoming India Only Features For OnePlus Devices

Last week OnePlus unveiled their flagship smartphones globally, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. The event was held in multiple cities like Beijing, London, and Bengaluru. In the Bengaluru event, OnePlus announced that with OxygenOS they will bring some exclusive features for Indian users very soon. They didn’t reveal those features at that time, but today we got the idea of those features. So let’s dig into them.

Folks at Gadgets 360° had some talks with OnePlus, and they revealed those exclusive features. These features are Work-life balance, Caller ID, OnePlus Roaming, new SMS app, and cricket scoreboard. Do note that these are not the final names of these features, the names will be announced later on. Talking about the announcement, OnePlus 6/6T will get these features first with Open Beta update in June, and later on stable built. OnePlus 7 series will obviously get these features and OnePlus 5/5T should also get them in future. So now let’s talk about these features in brief:

1. Work-life Balance –

This will be an organizational app that will organize the app notifications during our work time. Through this, we can decide which app should show notifications during work time, and which should not. This will organize your time during work. It will come handy if some apps bother you while your work, but you need to turn on the internet for some reasons.

2. Caller ID –

This will be the OnePlus version of Truecaller. As the name suggests it will track the information about the caller and mentions about the spam calls. We don’t have much information on this one, but it will be good if OnePlus will add few more useful features than Truecaller. Also hope that it won’t eat the battery that much.

3. OnePlus Roaming –

Seams like OnePlus wants to give easy access to affordable internet while traveling out of the country. That’s why they are launching this feature, which is exactly similar to what Oppo and Vivo are offering in China with ORoaming. With this feature, users can get affordable internet plans, and they don’t need to rely on the expensive plans of their current cellular network or buy a new SIM card. This looks an interesting feature, though don’t expect the pricing will be as good as normal data plans, especially if you are living in India.

4. New SMS App –

OnePlus will also add a new SMS app which will organize messages in different categories with extra features based on the category. It will divide the messages into contacts, bills, couriers, OTP, etc. For example, if you got a message from Amazon regarding your order, the message will be organized in the courier section and it will give options like tracking, courier info, etc. This will also be a very handy feature.


5. Cricket Score Board –

Finally the last feature, cricket score board. OnePlus has tied up with ESPN to provide real time sports updates in shelf. Those who don’t know about shelf, it’s a feature in OxygenOS launcher which can be accessed by swiping left. There you will see different panels like recent apps, utility widget, and weather. With this upcoming feature users can check the score updates without browser or third party sources.


So that’s all the information we have as of now. OnePlus official stated during the event that new Indian exclusive features will arrive before ICC World Cup 2019, so we can expect this Open Beta to arrive in late may or very early June. What are your thoughts on these features? Let us know in the comment section below. Also stay tuned with us for more information.

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