Here’s How Google Works To Give The Updated Experience On Your Device

Here's How Google Works To Give The Updated Experience On Your Device

The word update means a lot for a die-hard Android user, as the users always look forward to getting the newest version of operating system on their device. But after one or two updates to the operating system, they will not get any new update on the device, and it’s because of their carriers. As they don’t allow to push many updates to the operating system, but the Mountain View company works there to give the updated experience to their users. Here’s how Google work to give the modern and updated experience on your device.


If you are not getting new software updates, then it does not mean that you are not getting the latest and updated Android experience on your device. As Google and its developers work in multiple ways to provide the best and updated experience to the users of their operating system. Before we dive into the article, let’s first understand what the company wants to give with the latest software updates.


What is aimed with the update:

Here's How Google Works To Give The Updated Experience On Your Device

With an update, Google wants to provide you with some unique and latest features on your device and they also aim to improve the features which you already getting on your device. And they also aim to fix bugs and improve the security of a user. However, as I said above, that the carriers does not allow you to get all the updates after a certain period of time. At that time Google comes with a different trick, which will help the user to get the latest and modern experience.

When a smartphone brand decides to release a device with the power of Android, they have to sign an agreement with the Mountain View company Google. And with that agreement, Google has all the rights to update the Google Play Services and other components of Android and the components automatically update in the background of every Android device and it happens through the Google Play Store.


What is the role of Google Play Services?

By updating the Google Play Services, Google actually updating your device without rolling out a new update to the operating system which you have on your device. Which means the developers of Google provides some important features and improvements to your device by updating the Google Play Services version, and for this Google does not require any support or help from your carriers. The ‘Find My Device‘ service is one of the biggest examples to show the importance of Google Play Services updates. As this service is available on older and newer devices which have the Android operating system, and Google provide this feature to the older Android devices by updating the Google Play Services. There are many other things which Google do for older devices by updating the Google Play Services like protecting the device from Malware, and the security of a user’s private information. It means you are getting all the important and best features which an Android user should get even you have an old smartphone.


The applications from the Google

We know Google has a large number of applications which provides various services and make things awesome, the company usually releases the new version of applications by rolling out a new update in the Google Play Store. This means that app can be updated without getting a new update to the operating system and also you get the latest features and experience on your old device with the old version of Android.



So, the Mountain View company giving you the best and latest experience even if you have an old Android device by pushing updates to the Google Play Services and apps which is developed by the Google. And this is one of the biggest highlights of the users of Android because the iOS does not provide the updates to the calendar, messages and few other important applications without the software update, but Android users get the updated version of all the important applications automatically.

Now I believe that you will not feel sad if you don’t get the newer version of Android. And yes, if you really want to follow the latest layout, animations, and the material design which Google updates with every new Android update. Then you may feel a little disappointed when you don’t get a new update on your old device, however, you can get the feeling of the latest design and trend by downloading third-party launchers and purchasing the pro version which will not too expensive and customizes the launcher according to your taste to get the new feeling on your old device.


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