Here’s How To Identify Fake Apps On Google Play Store

Applications are uncountable and we have plenty of apps for various needs, the availability also expanded a lot, as now we can able to find an application on the smartphone, smartwatch, and even on television. But there are many fake as well as viruses contained applications on the board which makes our devices slow as well as the threat of stealing data and more. Well, the actual challenge is to identify the fake applications and today we will guide you with the perfect methods which you can cope with to identify a fake application on the Google Play Store.

How to spot fake apps

There are various methods in which you can able to identify a fake application on Google Play Store and that can help you to avoid downloading and make yourself safe from unwanted apps.

Name and Description

First of all, you can identify a fake app with its name as when you search an application on Google Play Store you will get the result with many similar names. All you need to check closely, as there will be a mistake in the spelling as well as the description is another most important factor to identify the app. If the app is fake you will identify it by reading the description of that particular app.

Developer name

Always check for the developer name, it will help you to identify the app and also try to visit the the the publisher website which will provide an extra reason to believe an app.

Downloads and Reviews

Don’t forget to check the download numbers and reviews, if the application is original then you will see a good number of downloads, as well as plenty of reviews with positive and neutral opinions.

Inspect Media

Checking the screenshots as well as a video of an application is also very helpful to identify the originality, if the app is fake then you will not find the helpful screenshots as well as proper media.


Permission is another most important factor to identify an application if you download an app which is related to the phone book, but the application asking permission for other department such as a microphone, camera, gallery then doesn’t wait to uninstall it, because it will be the fake app.

Check for Date

Always check for the publish date of an app because if the app is genuine then you will find a recent date for the latest version i.e. ‘updated on’ and this is also a very helpful factor to identify an app.

So, these are the steps that you can take before downloading an application and we hope that this will help you to identify a fake app. If you have any other kind of doubt in your mind then don’t hesitate to ask with us in the comments section below. Having said that, if you are new on this website then don’t forget to smash the ‘bell icon’ at the left side of the screen.

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