HMD Global May Make Way For Asha Series Devices Again

HMD Global promises to give Android P update to all the devices

Before the smartphones begin the most important factor of our life, we had a set of devices which actually fils the gap between feature phone and smartphone and it was called as Nokia Asha-series. The Asha devices were pocket-friendly and it was super and cool in design or performance wise, but the company discontinued the series of Asha phones in the year of 2014. However, now it seems that HMD Global may make way for the Asha-series of devices to re-enter in the market.

According to the source, a trademark application passing through the EU Intellectual Property Office with the name Asha. The HMD Global has filed the application to transfer the name to its portfolio. Now as we know that HMD Global makes Nokia devices, it makes sense the company wants to protect the name of Asha.

Apart from the name the filing doesn’t reveal anything, let’s hope that the HMD Global will bring budget devices with Asha branding in near future. Are you excited about the Asha series phones??? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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Via: GSM Arena