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How to Integrate the Latest G Suite Security Features into Your Plan?

Two of the main factors when using cloud services are security and privacy. Google has provided several advanced security features in all plans of GSuite.If you plan to migrate to G Suite; you can use G Suite Basic Promo Code to get 20% discount on first year billing. Now let’s see how to integrate and use the latest G Suite Security features into your plan.

Steps To Integrate Security Features into G Suite Plan

  1. Go to G Suite admin console and log in.
  2. You will see the Admin console on your screen, go to Users.
  3. Find the user (account) in the list for which you want to integrate different security features.
  4. Check whether the user is enrolled for 2-step verification. You can get this information by looking at the real-time status in 2-Step Verification enrollment column.
  5. Click on user’s name to access their account page.
  6. Click Security.

Different Security Features You Can Integrate Into G Suite User Account

Reset User Password

If you feel the user’s password is not strong enough or might be compromised, you can reset the user’s password. Here are the steps to follow

Click Password -> Reset password

You can either generate password automatically or type the password of your choice and mail it to the user. If you want the user to change the password, you can set the option where the user will be notified to change password at next login.

Use Security Keys

A security key is a small device that allows the user to sign into his G Suite account using 2-step verification method. The device plugs into your computer USB port or connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. As an administrator of G Suite account, you can force any user for 2-step verification which involves using security key. To integrate this security feature in any user’s account, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Add security key
  2. Follow on-screen instructions
  3. Click Done

Use the Login Challenge

It is a unique security feature that can be integrated into your G Suite. The administrator can turn on this feature whenever required. When the login challenge security feature is activated; the user cannot access their GSuite account with just login and password information.

The login challenge requires the user to provide more information pertaining to their identity. For example, the user may be required to key in employee id or Google might send a verification code to the user’s mobile number registered with G Suite. The user is not granted access to G Suite unless the user keys in the right information that is asked in the login challenge.

Reset User’s Sign-In Cookies

G Suite can be accessed from a computer, laptop, and even mobile devices. In case your mobile device or laptop is lost, there is a risk of unauthorized access. The G Suite administrator can use reset the user’s sign-in cookies through G Suite admins console that will automatically log out the user from G Suite on all devices. Here are the steps the administrator has to follow:

  1. Click sign-in cookies -> Reset
  2. Click Done

Revoke Application Passwords

The G Suite administrator can allow users to access different applications in G Suite. If the administrator wants, he/she can revoke the application passwords to ensure a particular user no longer has access to a specific application. When you use G Suite Basic Promo Code, check if your package includes these features.

Thus, you can see Google allows you to integrate several security features for every user of G Suite account. These security features prevent unauthorized access of G Suite account and ensure administrator has granular control over how every user uses the privileges and access granted to them.

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