Which G Suite Plan Should You Choose- Basic or Business?

The G Suite is a collection of several integrated apps that allows you to create and collaborate and get your work done in the easiest and secure way. Google’s G Suite is fast becoming popular as it offers an easy way to collaborate and innovate for businesses of every size. It comes in three different variants- Basic, Business, and Enterprise. The Basic is the low-end G Suite variant and the least costly one while the Business is the mid-end variant that is priced higher than Basic variant. Let’s look at both variants in detail and see which plan you should choose.

G Suite Basic

The G Suite Basic costs $5 per month user and every user gets 30GB secure cloud storage under this plan which can be used to securely store, share and dynamically search for files in your Google Drive. The G Suite Basic Promo code gives you 20% discount on the first 12 invoices. The basic account can be accessed across a variety of devices including a computer, tablet, and smartphone.

The Productivity Suite also works without Internet connection which means you can view, create, and edit content on apps like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar even when you are offline. When you reconnect to G Suite online all your content gets synced. G Suite is compatible with Microsoft Office and you can view and transform Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file into editable G Suite files directly from your mobile device or browser.

You can access and manage all the features of G Suite from a centralized administration console. Google assures 99.9% uptime guarantee to users and you will have continuous access to your G Suite applications even during upgrades and system maintenance. Google’s redundant infrastructure of data centers assures minimal service disruptions from hardware failures, natural disasters, and other incidents. G Suite has a Recovery Point target of zero while the Recovery Time Objective target is instant failover.

The G Suite Basic also features whitelisting of apps. The G Suite admin can place security controls for trusted apps using the OAuth feature. The G Suite basic account can be used to access a wide range of quality business apps like Task Management, CRM, Administrative tools and more. To get the 20% discount on billing, you need to provide your email address and Google will send the promo code in your email that needs to be entered while entering billing details.

G Suite Business

G Suite Business costs $10 per user per month. The G Suite business has all features of G Suite Basic variants and few more. Let’s look at the exclusive features of G Suite Business.

G Suite Business variant provides unlimited storage to every user and you don’t have to worry about storage space getting filled up or deleting files to free space. Some unique features available to G Suite Business users are Vault and Data Regions. Let’s look at these features in detail.

  • Vault

Google Vault is an eDiscovery and compliant solution for G Suite which allows the customers to hold, search, retain, and export data

  • Data Regions

Some businesses have requirements about where their data should be stored. The data regions feature in G Suite allows you to select Data Regions like globally, US, or Europe. Depending on your business requirements, you can set up data regions quick and easy. You can set multiple organizational units to single data region or select multiple data regions for a single domain.

Which One You Should Choose?

Both Basic and Business G Suite variants are powerful productivity Suites with several good features. The right variant for you depends on the needs of your business. If you are unsure of how the variants would work for you, the 14-day free trial can be of great help to take the right decision of the G Suite Variant.

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