How to Make Your Android Phone All About You

Ask many Android users what their favorite thing about having an Android is, and they will respond “customization.” If you are into personalization, get excited. We’re about to give you some tips on how to really customize your phone.

Which Lock Screen is All About You?

Sure, you can unlock your Android with a pin, pattern, password, or fingerprint, but you can also completely personalize your lock screen too.

If you love convenience, you can have all of your notifications on display so you could pick up your phone and see what’s going on without even unlocking it. You can also use third-party apps that add widgets to your lock screen, which add to the variety of ways you can already use to unlock your phone and set up a customized background.

If you’re the paranoid type, you have the option to leave a message on your lock screen. This message could say something along the lines of “if this phone is lost please text this number to return me!” in case you lose your device. You can also stop any notifications from appearing on your lock screen and you can choose to lock your phone after it goes to sleep in as little as 5 seconds.

If you’re just looking for basic customization, you can choose your own background and decide which notifications you would like to display.

How Will You Set Up Your Home Screen?

There are tons of third-party launchers on the Google Play Store just waiting to be used to customize your phone. If you aren’t sure what a launcher is, it’s basically a home screen and app manager. But the capabilities of your launcher can be extended so much more.

You can completely transform your phone, setting up customized gestures, changing the color scheme or giving your icons a makeover.

We recommend Buzz Launcher if you like options. It’s Homepack Buzz service showcases more than 700,000 home screens that have already by shared and ready for download.

If you like versatility, try Nova Launcher. Even the free version is full of features, allowing you to customize a number of things in your Android, like the dock, size of widgets, and more. You can access more gesture controls if you pay for the full version.

What Will You Use to Browse?

If you want to take the amount of customization you can do to a whole new level, download Firefox. You can adjust just about every feature of your browser, like what colors everything should be, what features you’d like, and how your tabs pop up.

Puffin Browser has a built-in VPN that protects data sent from the app. You can use this web browser to save data too, watch Flash content, and quickly load pages.

Flynx is a neat second browser. You can open links in bubbles that pop up on your screen, so you can read them later. Perfect for those of us who keep a ton of tabs open.

What Do You Want to Hear?

Download Zedge which will offer you a never-ending supply of ringtones and notifications that were made to be downloaded. You can also find out how to make our own personalized ringtone.

With Android, you can set different notifications to different apps, and different ringtones for separate contacts.

Give Gmail a Flair

Customize your Gmail app with a special notification that you hear every time you get an important message. You can also set custom email signatures on Android so that every email you write has a personal touch.

Customize Your Keyboard

You can always download a third-party keyboard. Some make typing more convenient like Swiftkey and Swipe, there are GIF keyboards, and keyboard apps built with privacy in mind.

Personalize the keyboard even more by customizing autocorrects, and your own words to your dictionary so you can easily access them.

And this is just the beginning of what you can do on Android. Other suggestions are widgets, custom pictures for each contact, and more. The beauty of Androids is that each device is set up specifically to meet the needs of each individual user. Now that you know some ways to customize, where will you start personalizing your Android phone?

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