Huawei is going bigger with its next flagship Mate P20 pro


Huawei is reportedly planning to give its next flagship a larger  6.9-inch OLED display from Samsung which is larger in its class.

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Huawei is working on its next flagship device Mate P20 pro with relatively larger 6.9-inch OLED display. Surprisingly, Huawei is getting the display from Samsung. According to rumors, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 could feature a 6.3-inch Display and iPhone X might be arriving with a larger 6.5-inch display. So comparing with these numbers, Huawei is going to give a larger sized OLED display.

The reason behind this decision is Chinese characters takes more space on the display so giving a bigger display can make each and every character looks clear and crisp. While this is the decision, we are unable to confirm whether the display size will be similar to the international version. Since bigger screen leads to high cost of the flagship.

At this time, we have only these grains of information regarding the Huawei’s next flagship Mate P20 pro.  Stay tuned, until we bring more hot news and happenings in the technology world.