Imaging tech from Vivo and Zeiss

Imaging tech from Vivo and Zeiss

Vivo has always made its steps in innovative collaborations that has helped to yield better interfaces and user experience.  The recent news reveals that Vivo and Zeiss partner up to jointly develop imaging technology for smartphones. Vivo is now ready to launch their brand new smartphone X60 series on December 29th and they are also unveiling the details about their new collaboration with the lens-Makers Zeiss. Today the two companies officially made their collaboration.

The two will establish the vivo Zeiss imaging lab,it is a joint R&D program which is focused on developing innovative solutions for imaging technology. This collaboration will be a milestone in the collab and will a asset for smartphone industry. This collaboration will result in the joint development and co-engineering of optical components for future vivo flagships.

Vivo already have several imaging R&D centers around the world, which have more than 1000’s of workers. Now vivo will be able to get all the work with a experienced company like Zeiss who has decades of experience in developing optical and optical electronics.The partnership will also help vivo in creating more efficient cameras in their smartphones. The partnership will also start the new vivo Zeiss master photography campaign to promote newly developed imaging systems.

First product outcome of vivo and Zeiss collaboration will be revealed in a couple of weeks the vivo X60 series. The camera technology is co developed with Zeiss and it will be a premium feature for future high end vivo smartphones as well. The collaboration of vivo and Zeiss will surely be a worthful one for the customer as well as for the technology market.


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