Innovations from LG on the new range of QNED TVs

Innovations from LG on the new range of QNED TVs

The renowned OLED TV maker, LG recently announced they are nearing the production of Mini, the newer display technology. New series LG is being manufactured to feature up to 30,000 tiny LED arrays behind the display.  Company is planning to launch 4K and 8K high end LCD through the adoption of newly developed panels.  The launch is planned to happen and hit the market by next year.

LG boasts of its new product that it can enable the entire series to take the lead in a greater picture quality from LCD TVs.  The current LCD TVs are offering full array local dimming with around hundreds of LEDs providing the backlight.  This enables to have zones which can be created and controlled for the better viewing experience of dark scenes.  It enhances the hold of control by improving the contrast and black level.  This is the most exciting part of this product that keeps it higher from the existing high end TVs that might offer somewhere around hundred dimming zones.

As the name suggests, mini LEDs are much smaller to the prevailing LEDs but the desired outcome of performance is acquired by increasing the number of LEDs that comprises of up to 30,000 LEDs.  Together producing and delivering an incredible brightness and contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 with advanced local dimming and paired up 2500 dimming zones. LG has branded the new series of TVs as QNED TVs, which are relatively similar to the TCL’s new range on market that offers up to 25,000 LEDs spread over one thousand control zones.

The final outcome is the beast that delivers higher dynamic HDR, improved color accuracy, better contrast over the regular LCD TVs and a high refresh rate of up to 120HZ that matches South Korean flagships!


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