Interview With AKHIL G: One of the most influential tech writers in India from God’s Own Country

I had an opportunity to interview Mr. Akhil G – One of the most influential technology writer & an award-winning Blogger in India. In this interview, Akhil shares his success story and his insights about the blogging industry. He is one of the top bloggers from India, and I picked his brain to get some of his learnings and experience in blogging & digital marketing.


He has developed successful content brands like AndroidHits, WindowsLatest, OneTechStop, and TvSerialUpdates. He is one of the most popular technology journalists and a reputed gadget reviewer. Here we have Akhil with lots information and tips to all his fans and newbie bloggers.


Question 1) I wouldn’t be interviewing you unless I perceive you as a successful blogger/writer. But at what point did you feel that you were a successful writer?

Akhil G: At first, I thank you for asking this question. I was always waiting for this question. But seriously I don’t have a specific answer to this question. But I’d say, it was the time when I received messages from my social media followers seeking my opinion about certain gadgets.


Question 2)  Who inspired you and motivated you to get into the blogging field?

Many people inspired me, and this inspiration list goes on improving day by day. In the beginning, I was greatly inspired by Mr. Abhishek Baxi (Currently working for Forbes Asia). I was a regular reader of his articles on Windows Central and MobileNations.


Question 3) We saw tremendous responses on your social media updates and articles on the above portals, please tell us how do you attract this much of crowd to your content? What’s the strategy?

Blogging is not for making money; they should be aware of this. Most of the newbie bloggers might have started blogging just because someone said: “Blogging = Money” kinda thing. Money is not everything in your life, but it is a required factor. Still, if you take blogging as the easy money making an opportunity, the chances for the survival is too less.


Question 4) We know that you are a 6 figure blogger, then What are your primary income sources?

I am using Google’s Adsense for serving ads on my web pages and articles. Another major income source is Purch. They provide high-quality ads that are best for our readers too. My secondary income source is affiliate marketing. I have good business relations with most of the e-commerce companies include GearBest and AliExpress.


Question 5) You have reviewed loads of gadgets on your portals, and you have lakhs of readers for your review articles. Actually, how do you get these gadgets before they even release?

This is a question I get at least once in a week. I have media relations with most of the technology companies based out of India and China. They provide review units of their latest product for promotional purposes and all. Some companies deliver review units even before the official release under an embargo. I use those devices for at least 1 week before publishing the review, so that I can write the best experience for my usage.


Question 6) We know that you have 17 staffs across the world in your team. How do you manage all of them efficiently? And how much time you spend on work each day?

Most of the writers are working as remote. They usually work from their home and co-working spaces. But we have 2 working offices in India. Most of them are professional bloggers with good experiences and responsibility, so it is not a hectic to manage them efficiently. In fact, this powerful team is motivating me to start more blogs in the future; they are my champions. Since I am a blogger, I can proudly say, I don’t have to follow anyone’s working timeframe. I can work anytime, from any place and in any style. And I believe that’s the most wonderful thing in my life.


Question 7) Finally, Do you have any tips for the aspiring bloggers and web publishers?

Nowadays Blogging has become one of the top mainstream professions. So everyone understands when someone says I AM A PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER. That’s all. That’s why we are witnessing a huge number of aspiring bloggers from across the country. However, the sad part is that most of them are coming to this field for just earning money. In fact, blogging is a great thing in which you help the world to solve their problems. You provide the world knowledge, tips, and experiences. Consider it as a service and a passion; you will succeed for sure.


Thank you, Akhil for this interview. It was really great time with you and I wish you all the very best for your future plans.


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