Introducing Blog Compass

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Introducing Blog Compass

Blogs, that help all the searchers and we can find tons of live blog pages on the Internet. And now the search engine giant Google now offers a service called Blog Compass, it’s an app which is available for free of cost.

Everything about the Blog Compass

Google has designed the all new Blog Compass to help the bloggers and the company has launched the application in India, that said, the app will allow the blogger to manage his/her website and to discover the topics to write. Having said that, I’m using this app from past couple of days, and I feel its handy.

The app is compatible with both the WordPress as well as the Google’s own Blogspot (which are the popular platforms for the bloggers), the app will offer a streamline process and it will also inspire the writers with the recommended content that will be based on the author’s interests as well as the previously published articles.

Moreover, the app will also allow a user to track the stats of the website, approval of comments and also to read tips to make the blog more successful. Furthermore, the Blog Compass also features a “learning center” and that will allow users to get tips about how to get started with SEO and Google Analytics. Apart from this, the company is just 4.5 MB in size that means the users of low-end smartphone users can also get their hands.

So, if you are a blogger then download the new Google’s Blog Compass and make your blog awesome. And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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