Introducing Firefox Send
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Introducing Firefox Send

The guys behind Mozilla Firefox has announced a new service and that is called Firefox Send, the feature is based on an end-to-end encryption file transfer service and the company was experimenting this since 2017. The service has officially launched and it also available on the web as well as Android application and the Android app is in beta stage.

The new Firefox Send allows users to share files up to 2.5 GB through the browser and it will be secured with the end-to-end encryption, users can also make the link expire automatically after a certain period of time and that will ensure the privacy. Having said that, the users who did not registered can only share files upto 1 GB.

How to use the feature

You have to visits the Send website, then upload the files and set an expiration period. You also can opt to have the files protected with a password before sending. You can then share the link with the recipient and they simply click to start the download.

Personal speaking, this is a handy service by Firefox and it can be used to send big files and we can also use this service as an alternative to the cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

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