Why iPhone X didn't impress me

Why iPhone X didn’t impress me

After a huge wait Apple unveiled its iPhone X smartphone, at the event which the company hosted a couple of days ago. The iPhone X launched as the part of the company’s 10th anniversary, we got an idea about the device even before its unveiling through various leaks and rumours. Like every smartphone lover, I thought the device will be really an innovative one, but unfortunately the device failed to impress me. You already have seen all the positive factors of the device, as from the time it unveiled the whole Internet is overflowing with the positive comments about the device. However, the factors which failed the device to impress and don’t making the feel that the device is not future phone as the company promotes will be discussed in this article.


Apple iPhone X Now Official With Bezel-less Design & More




Let’s start with the design of the device, it is not coming with any new designing aspect. The smartphone’s display is made with OLED glass, and it is not a new one and I felt that the company is trying to compete with the other Smartphone manufacturers like LG and Samsung, by making the smartphone bezel-less and making screen corners round. That’s the main reason why the company failed to make the device awesome in terms of design and look-wise. Another thing I felt that Apple is not trying to make something new particularly in design, because they just polishing the design which they used in the iPhone 6 onwards.


Missing Fingerprint Sensor


Apple introduced a new security feature with the iPhone X, and the feature is called Face Id. Which the company says that it is more secure way to keep your device, well it is not a new feature. As similar kind of feature, we already have in Android devices.


Okay, now let’s talk about the Face Id. At the keynote event, we seen that the feature was failed to respond and that’s why the device got another bad mark from me. As Face Id is not an easy way to unlock your device, because you have to lift the device and focus the camera on your face which is not practical in our day to day life. If the company made the fingerprint feature available, then it will be good because people can choose their desired security feature. And fingerprint sensor gives you comfort, as you can unlock the device in any position.


Over Pricing


The pricing of the device is another big fault by the company, because the device is priced at ₹89,000. However, when we compared with other devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG V30 then you will understand that how expensive the iPhone X is. The other flagship devices which launched recently such as Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG V30 etc, will give you more handy feature for far less money.


Wrapping up


So, all the above mentioned reasons failed the device to impress me. I am comparing the device with all the available devices in the market, and that’s why I didn’t like the smartphone and feel that Apple disappointed the smartphone users (at least me). However, if you are an exclusive Apple user then the device will be perfect match for you.


But I will never advice anyone to buy the device, because we get more features in less money with other flagship smartphones. And all these are my personal opinion and I don’t want to fight with the Apple fanboys, so don’t think anything wrong and just think about the device with calm mind. You will understand the things by yourself, don’t forget to share your view points in the comments section below.


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