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LEO Satellite OF Apple Won’t Be Available for all iPhone users

Details Of 2020 iPhones And Other Apple Products Surfaced Online

We are probably just a week away from the unveiling of next series of iPhone, and the leaks are pouring a lot as expected. One of the information we have is that the iPhone 13 series will have LEO Satellite feature, which will help to make cellular calls even when you don’t have any signal available. But seems like there will be limitations for the same.

A new report suggests that the iPhone 13 series will have the LEO Satellite feature only in select countries, where there’s actual problem of network. Though this seems legit for developed/developing countries where at least a call signal is not a big issue. But there’s another speculation behind it is that the Apple is not prepared enough to launch this feature in masses. Maybe the LEO Satellite option would be a mess for cellular companies, and that could be the 3rd reason.

And that’s the information we have as of now. What do think about this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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