Looking for ray tracing and DLSS @ $399? Here’s Nvidia RTX 3060

Looking for ray tracing and DLSS @ $399? Here's Nvidia RTX 3060

The all-new RTX 3060 Ti has just hit the market and will be available directly from Nvidia as the Founders Edition cards along with making it available at the retail outlets as stock and factory overclocked cards.  If you’re lucky enough, you can even get one year of GeForce Now subscription.

At the very beginning of December, Nvidia announces the release of RTX 3060 Ti.  This device is set to be the pioneer member of RTX 3060 series replacing the existing RTX 2060 at the very surprising fact that there is zero price hike!

RTX 3060 Ti is designed to be working with a cutback version in the series of the GA104 GPU which is currently being that part of $499 RTX 3070. This change has altered in lesser number of SM units, fewer RT cores, CUDA cores, texture units, Tensor cores,  and minimal ROPs.  In comparison with RTX 3070, RTX 3060 Ti has got a lower GPU Boost clock speed of 1665MHz than 1730MHz.

Another interesting feature to be noted is RTX 3060 Ti users can get benefited also from certain other GeForce features like Nvidia Reflex which can effectively reduce system latency. Nvidia with its its excellent NVENC encoder suits the best of its kind specifically for its users and for those into video encoding and streaming. Nvidia Broadcast, which is actually composed of a suite of axis ability features for its streamers and online users who are in need of video calling applications, GeForce Experience which is available also for a wide range of in-game features that includes the recording of gameplay, along with the GeForce Now, the popular platform for cloud gaming.

GPU supports Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) for much better performance. DLSS is basically an AI-enhanced excellent sampling solution that works on machine learning in providing image reconstruction and delivery at a higher resolution. The company offers a wide list of titles that are currently supporting both technologies that fairly includes the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

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