Malware target banking apps on Android

Malware target banking apps on Android

Google-owned Android is the most popular operating system on the smartphone, and people love the operating system because of its simplicity and it allows you to customize it in your own way. Google always take steps to give maximum security to its operating system. However, now we got a report which says that a new malware targeted 232 banking application which includes Indian banks as well.

The Trojan Malware which is called as Android.banker.A9480, and it is designed to steal personal information from users. According to the source, it gets into one’s login data, SMS, contact list and transfers all information to a server. Moreover, the new malware is also targeting the cryptocurrency applications which are installed on a user’s device.

The source lists the Indian banking apps, which are targeted by this Trojan Malware and the list includes SBI, ICICI, HDFC, IDBI, Baroda, and Union Bank. The Malware spreads through a Flash Player app, which is hosted on a third party store.

What actually happens

Once a user installs the app, the icon of the app hides when he or she taps on it. Then it works in the background and checks for one of the targeted banking apps, when the Malware identifies any of targeted apps. It will push notification which looks similar to the banking app, as soon as the user opens the notification they get a fake login screen which is the window for the hackers to steal all the personal information.

So, I advise you all to don’t download and use any third party Flash Player application. Otherwise, you may need to pay something big for your small mistake.


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Source: Quick Heal

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