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Meizu Super mCharge unveiled at MWC

We are seeing lots of new innovative products at the on-going MWC event, and now Meizu has unveiled new technology Super mCharge. With this new technology, 3000 mAh battery of smartphones can be full charge within 20 minutes.



To provide this fast charging, the company relies on and 11V/5A charger with outputs 55W of power, and don’t worry about the heating of the battery and device. Meizu Super mCharge managers to restrict the battery temperature at 30 degree Celsius with a room temperature of 22 degree Celsius.


The company has made new data cable to give this much of power, as the new data cable is capable of carrying up to 160W of power. This is way more than the 55W of power transfer to full charge a 3000 mAh battery within 20 minutes. Moreover, the company says that there in the testing the battery was able to retain over 80% capacity after 800 complete cycle of charging and discharging.


Right now the company hasn’t said that when will this technology make debut on its smartphones, but we will update it once it officially and come on their new smartphones. Stay tuned with us.


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