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Microsoft introduces Project Rome SDK for Android; to control nearby Windows devices

Android is the most used OS on smartphones, but the Microsoft has no shake of its ruling in the computer world. The tech giant has released a new Android SDK app called Project Rome, which allows you to control nearby Windows devices.



The Project Rome allows developers to create software which can remotely control few parts of a Windows 10 PC. An app which uses the SDK will login to Microsoft account first and that is available on both the phone and the computer. When an app with Project Rome support can scan the local network for the Windows 10 PC. And once that app finds such a computer which can be used to launch a Windows 10 app or launch a website by typing URL.


The company also plans to bring a way Android apps which comes with a Windows 10 version to be controlled via smartphone, rather than just to launch. The first Project Rome Android SDK can be download via GitHub.


So, what’s your thoughts about the Project Rome???


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