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Microsoft is reportedly acquiring GitHub world’s largest software developers

Microsoft will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion which is world’s largest software developers to share their codes and software projects.

GitHub has been the world’s largest software code developers since it has been launched in 2008. Microsoft has officially announced that once the acquisition has been completed, GitHub will be operated independently and their service will be continued. The main aim of Microsoft is to improve the usability and popularity of GitHub for enterprise-based developers with direct sales. This is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s second big acquisition, after LinkedIn.

This deal will also expand the use of Microsoft tools and services to more developers in their respective field. The deal will be closed during 2018 end. After the deal, Corporate Vice President Nat Friedman will be the CEO who is also the founder of Xamarin which has been acquired by Microsoft in 2016.  We know that Microsoft has struggled with developers and that is the reason behind the  Great shutdown of Windows phone. Let’s wait and see the developers development in future.



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