Microsoft Pluton Security Chip for Future Windows Computers Announced

Microsoft Pluton Security Chip for Future Windows Computers Announced

Microsoft has announced new Pluton Security Chip for upcoming Windows computers to boost the security of these machines. The new dedicated chip will be inbuilt in the new PCs. The company aims to replace the currently used Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that was meant to secure hardware and cryptocurrency keys, which was a separate unit from the CPUs.

Pluton chips will be used in future processor units from Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. In this way, the new systems will be more secure making it difficult to hack with physical access to the system to launch hardware attacks and extract sensitive data. If you did not know, the company had released Pluton Security was used in Cbox way back in 2013. This prevented the users from hacking or running pirated games on the console. It was later ported to Microsoft’s cloud service Azure Sphere for low-cost IoT devices.

According to David Weston, Director of Enterprise and OS security at Microsoft, the new chip is better, stronger, faster, and more consistent TPM. The new technology will replace TPM in BitLocker encryption or Windows Hello authentication in the future. Following the integration of this security in processors, Pluton will also make its way to Linux as well.


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