Minspy Review: the Best Keylogger for Android

Invading someone’s privacy is never considered a good idea. But sometimes, you have to do this to know if your loved ones are okay and are not in harm’s way. So, instead of hiring a private investigator and spending a lot of money, you can just spy on their cell phones.


Cell phones are a doorway to someone’s world as they can tell you everything that might want to know about them. But, you might think that it is so difficult or impossible to get into someone’s phone without them knowing. Thankfully, there are ways to achieve this without getting caught.


With keyloggers, you can track WhatsApp messages and Facebook activities of your spouse or children. An android keylogger can give you all the information that you wouldn’t even think about checking otherwise. 


If you are searching for the best Keylogger for Android, your search ends here. With Minspy, you will be able to do thorough Android KeyLogger. So, if you want to use the best of the best, you have to go for Minspy.


Minspy – the best Keylogger for Android


Minspy is available for both Android and iOS devices. Media houses such as TechRadar, PCMag, etc. talk highly about the features of this app. It is the only Android Keylogger that can be said to be perfect, even though it is not the oldest. 


The reason behind this is the myriad of features it offers along with the ability to check someone’s key logs. The best part about Minspy is the overall design and the Keylogger module design.


Another feature that makes Minspy so popular is that it is impossible to detect Minspy on Android. The user of the targeted device will never know that you are spying on them. With this app, you can monitor smartphones as well as tablets remotely in secret.


But why can’t Minspy be detected? 


This is because the app for Android is just 2 MB in size. You have to download the application and install it on the targeted device. Once the installation process is finished, you will get the option of hiding the app.


After the phone is hidden, it will keep running in the background. The icon of the app will disappear from the app menu and the list of installed applications. Also, Minspy will work in stealth and not slow down the phone or drain the battery.


Since the application is so small and hidden, it won’t require a lot of battery to run. Also, the user will never know about its existence. With this app, you will be able to monitor your spouse or child in secret and get access to all the data through the online dashboard. 


Using the Minspy application


While using the Minspy Keylogger, you are not even required to download the application on your device to check the targeted device’s key logs. The application can be used from a remote web-based dashboard that you can use in any web browser.


To access the web dashboard, you have to log into your Minspy account. On the dashboard, there is a dedicated tab for every feature on the left side. There are more than 35 features, so with Minspy, there are endless possibilities for what you can do.


Here are some more features of the Minspy’s design that makes it the best Keylogger for Android:


  1. There is no need to root 

When you are using Minspy, you are not required to root or jailbreak the targeted device for monitoring its key logs. This is what makes it different from other Keyloggers for Android that have mandatory rooting.


  1. Your data will be protected

If you are monitoring key logs of someone who is important to you, you don’t want a third pair of eyes on the data. Minspy has been designed in a way that only you will have access to private data.


In fact, Minspy doesn’t even store your private data on its servers. So, even the team of Minspy cannot see your data. Only you will have access to it.


  1. You don’t need the technical aptitude to use the app

To use the Minspy application, you don’t need to have a technical background or knowledge of programming. Even a novice user can use the application easily. All that you should know is how to work on a web browser.


Minspy’s Keylogger

The design of the Minspy’s Keylogger has been created to give maximum ease to its users. The Key logs have been organized as per the applications in which the strokes are being made. You can filter through the key logs easily so that you have what you want to view.


As mentioned above, while using the Minspy’s Keylogger, the user of the targeted device will never know that you are spying on their private data. The reason behind this is the unique design of Minspy for Android phones.


For tracking the Android keystroke logs, you have to install the application on the targeted device. This is mandatory; regardless of whether you are using Minspy or some other application.


However, while using the Minspy application, handling this limitation will be very easy. The reason behind this is the following factors:


  • The size of the Minspy application is less than 2 MB. So, installing it will only take a couple of seconds. Because of its small size, the user of the targeted device will not notice that there is some loss of storage space.
  • Once the app is installed, the icon of the app will vanish from the app menu as well as the list of installed applications. You will have a secret code that will be used for launching the app.
  • The app will always run in the background and won’t pop any notifications. The design of the app is in such a way that there will be no battery consumption. So, the user won’t notice anything suspicious.
  • If you have to uninstall the application, you don’t have to use the targeted device. You can do it remotely from any web browser using the Minspy’s dashboard.


Before you buy the subscription, you can get a preview of everything that Minspy has to offer by trying a free live demo. This way, you will be able to see the preview of the Android Keylogger feature.


Minspy is definitely the best Android keylogger in the market. It can do the job better than any other application. There are countless additional features along with minimal requirements making this app a must for spying.

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