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Mobile Development Trends of 2021

The niche of mobile app development is rapidly growing, especially in the last decade. All this is caused by increased smartphone use and easier access to the internet. For example, today, the Apple Store has more than 2 million applications to any taste and budget! More and more people are using mobile apps on a daily basis. But the best part of it is that programmers finally get good wages. Nevertheless, the world is continuously evolving, new technologies appear on an ongoing basis and the demands of humans also grow. For building apps that will be in demand, they should keep track of the latest mobile app development trends. Let’s review the hottest mobile app development trends for 2021!

The Internet of Things

Just have a look at your gadgets and you’ll see that all of them are built with access to the internet. Today, we have more home devices that can easily be managed by your smartphone. For example, you can put the kettle to boil with a single click on the screen of your iPhone. Or you can also turn on/off your oven remotely. These are so-called smart homes that gradually become more and more popular. On top of that, they are a game-changer for mobile development.


In fact, controlling your house with a smartphone is easy. Such apps allow you to open windows, unlock doors, and turn off the lights with a few clicks. That’s why the development of mobile apps for this niche is at the pinnacle of success today.

On-demand Apps

Recent statistics show that more than 7 million Americans prefer using on-demand applications today. By the way, this technology hit the market a few years ago but it is extremely popular today. That’s the main reason to pay attention to it.


The rapid development of the on-demand economy promoted the development of on-demand apps. More and more people are ordering groceries or other products via such apps. That’s why the demand for such apps also grows. So if you want to earn more, we strongly suggest paying attention to this trend.

Mobile Wallets

A few years ago, we all had to pay for products or services in cash. But today, we all can see that mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay are growing in popularity. According to the statistics, more than 35 % of all mobile users in the world will be using mobile payment applications by the end of 2021. When analyzing this niche, China is the most advanced market today. But gradually this trend will spread across all the continents.


Therefore, mobile app programmers should be ready for this and learn everything about the development of mobile wallets.

Cloud-based Development

This trend is not new but it is still popular! The main advantages of cloud-based mobile app development are as follows:


  • Reducing the development time;
  • Programmers are free to choose any platform. Thanks to this, cross-platform development is easier.
  • There’s no need to write codes. That’s why database integration is faster and more straightforward. Developers use development frameworks to build apps. In this article, you can read more about the most popular and rated frameworks.
  • Better accessibility as there’s no need to download and install such applications on mobile devices.


This topic is very hot today and is considered the main mobile app development trend in 2021.

Biometric Authentication in Mobile Applications

One of the most popular features of mobile devices is proving that you are yourself with the help of your body. For instance, around 60$ of modern mobile devices come with fingerprint scanning options, and these figures keep growing. This kind of authentication technology appeared a few years ago, but it is being enhanced every year. However, building a better and precise scanner is still a challenge for some software dev teams.


Today, biometric authentication is mainstream. It is used to unlock your smartphone, log into your bank account or any other space where you have sensitive information. Regardless of the popularity of this technology, it is still not perfect. Simply put, there’s a space for improvement. Mobile app programmers should know how to work with FaceID or TouchID and understand how to implement them into their mobile devices.


We’ve just reviewed the main mobile app development trends of 2021. This list is based on profound research, but surely it is not full. Overall, if you want to be a successful specialist in this niche, you have to be ready for evolution and keep track of the latest trends!

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