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Motorola One 2020 Review

Motorola has not been active in the smartphone scene for some time now. The revival of the amazing foldable Razr is a big surprise. That is after the demise of Moto Mods and Moto Z phones from the scene. It is certainly taking advantage of the attention it is enjoying. It is now flooding the market with not just a few smartphones, but may finally be of worthy premium Motorola flagship phone status.

Motorola’s downward spiral has been slow and painful to imagine. It has not produced a smartphone with a flagship worthy specs since Moto Z3 that was way back in 2018. The longest wait for Motorola fans will be over if the Motorola One 2020 truly comes to fruition. It will allow you to take advantage of different apps like Jio TV.

The Motorola Specifications

There will be two such phones, their source suggests, one a true flagship, and one a higher-tier mid-range phone. Both will have the same size 6.67-inch “waterfall” screens, and 90Hz refresh rate, suggesting an AMOLED panel. Based on photos, Motorola has also opted for a smaller version punch hole camera this time around.

Specs for the phones are still on the influx at this point and even more so the actual marketing name. The one code-named “racer,” which may have 5G variant, is said to run on a Snapdragon 765 or 765G with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and at least a 48MP camera. Specs are less specific for the higher-end “burton” with a Snapdragon 865, 8, and 12GB of RAM.

The rumor that Motorola may not have one but two flagship phones coming may be reason enough to excite Motorola’s fan base. Along with the first stylus-equipped phone, Motorola may be saying it is not down yet for the count. It may not be enough to keep it in the running for long.

The Two confusing names, one (almost) waterfall displays

In addition to the “true” flagship state-of-the-art Snapdragon 865 SoC, Motorola is also expecting to release the “value 5G flagship”. It has an upper mid-range Snapdragon 765 chipset on deck shortly after a formal joint announcement at the 2020 Mobile World Congress.

Lots of stuff are not cast in stone just yet. There seems to be a better chance that slightly humbler phones will be marketed just like the Motorola One 5G 2020. It may not look like a very good idea. We are not even talking about the 2018’s instantly forgettable Motorola One mid-ranger.

On the flip side, the Motorola One 2020 could see daylight on Verizon under the Edge Plus label. This would undoubtedly help the powerhouse stand out from the pack more effectively.

If that is the case, then Big Red is likely to release the phone with 5G support network, which will only add to the confusion already.

The Marketing Strategy and Edge

Apart from the almost full and disorienting name, the handsets are known from inside as “Racer” and “Burton”. They are tipped to share the curved 6.67-inch screen size with a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels and 90Hz refresh rate. It is also unclear if Motorola plans to use the relatively new “waterfall” marketing term. The curves on this OLED display will be significantly more drastic than what you usually see on the Galaxy S or Note series devices.

We are talking of something closer to what the Huawei Mate 30 Pro has been working, though not quite all the way there. As explained by XDA, it would be best described as an 80 percent waterfall affair. It means the display will mostly wrap around the sides of the Motorola One 5G 2020 and Motorola One 2020.

The images leaked today reveals a tiny hole punch in the top left corner. It was designed to house the single selfie shooter with an unknown resolution. Also, the 90Hz refresh rate will not be enough to challenge the display capabilities of the Samsung’s Galaxy S 20 lineup.

Massive batteries and lots of unanswered questions

As far as the specifications are concerned, I still do not know much about Motorola’s high-end and upper mid-range plans. But what is currently being shared sounds pretty exciting. It starts with the 4,660 mAh battery of the Snapdragon 765-powered “Racer” and the large 5,170 mAh cell inside the Snapdragon 865-based “Burton.”

The Motorola One 2020 flagship is tipped to offer eight and 12GB RAM options. The Racer mid-range should downgrade the memory count to 6 gigs and pairs it with a 128GB internal storage space. While we have no information on the Burton camera setup, the Racer is expected to sport a 48 MP primary shooter. Very much like the Motorola One Vision and One Zoom.

Lastly, the two 2020 Motorola Ones will run Android 10 out the box with several new proprietary tools included. Moto Edge Assistant is an app designed to “customize the tap actions on the curved edges.” Motorola Gametime will provide “quick access to certain tools and settings to improve your mobile gaming experience.” Finally, the Moto Audio is capable of “automatically adjusting” the phone’s audio profile to “best suit the current content.”  It will support the GBWhatsapp effectively.


The revival of the amazing foldable Razr by Motorola is good news for the lovers of the brand. It is hoped to measure up to the flagship status that will give it an edge over the other brands in the market. Planning to get hold of one once it hits the market? Let us know your experience on the comment box down below.

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