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Mozilla Firefox Quantum officially launched

Mozilla Firefox Quantum has been in Desktops as a beta version for a week and now the version has been officially launched with some new feature which already featured in Firefox Version 57 for Mobile.



Firefox Quantum is faster and more efficient than its predecessor and even its competitors. The new features added in this version is already seen in the mobile version of Firefox Version 57 as a part. The new elements are clearly visible from Clean UI and support for Chrome Custom Tabs.

The version is not the extreme advanced as expected. Mozilla will improve the version to make it better in the market as it is already. I also accept that nothing can match the performance and Fluid experience of Google Chrome, but Mozilla has been evolving its software for years. We could see the evolution of Mozilla browser version from start.

Currently, the browser lags and slows on loading some bulk websites. But this is the initial stage of the version 57. We should not expect a lot at this time. Mozilla will improve its browser engine and it is expected to become the most lovable and fun to use the browser in the market. Let us wait and see the improvements day by day that Mozilla is going to show us.


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Via: Android Police

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