Mozilla Firefox Working On In Page Pop up Blocker


While browsing on websites pop-ups are always annoying and we have ad blockers to block advertisements which pop-ups from here and there on any website. However, we have seen that many websites push in page pop up and one of them is to gain subscribers to their newsletter, by popping up a subscribe form. However, many times we feel annoyed to see it again and again. Well, now the developers of Mozilla Firefox is working on a solution to this issue.

The developers of the Mozilla Firefox browser are experimenting a new feature which will block the in-page pop-ups like the ones which I mentioned above. The developers of the browser want to automatically detect and block these kinds of pops-up.

It will be great to have an inbuilt and more powerful feature to block this kind of pop-ups, which will give a good browsing experience to every user of the internet and I hope that the future may roll out very soon.


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