New Windows Defender Alert Is Worrying Windows 10 Users

Everything About Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Windows 10 has been deemed to be the most secure operating system developed by Microsoft to date. The in-built security features of this operation system enable it to constantly improve its safety with virtually no human interaction.

The in-built feature that takes of this is called the Windows Defender and although it has worked amazingly, there are some concerns surrounding this security tool.

You have probably recognized the new alert received by users of Windows 10, alerting that Windows Defender is failing to complete virus scans.

Some users report that they receive an alert that a file was skipped while scanning and this instills fear in the hearts of Windows 10 users. You may be wondering what causes this and what can be done about it, here is the reason and tips for boosting Windows 10 OS security:

A bug may be causing the error

Windows rolled out this OS to address the rapidly advancing security risks posed on every computer user. They include malware and other threats like keylogging trojan viruses to get credit card information and other personal data. Therefore, it might seem paradoxical why the OS suddenly stopped being reliable on the issue of security.

Well, the culprit causing this panic and potential security breaching point seems to be a bug that affected the 4.18.2003 Windows Defender feature. Newer updates may also have this problem and Windows reported that they are working on finding a permanent fix for this issue.

The greatest issue is facing the offline scan that scans all files on the machine being used. Users report that it skips a file without mentioning the specific file that has been skipped. What surprises most users is that this happens without them applying any exclusions when scanning their computer.

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Improving online security

Although this problem seems to be affecting mostly offline scanning, there is no reason not to doubt the integrity of online security also. Thus, you should also take measures to ensure that your machine is safe even when browsing the net. That is very important because that is where most cyberattacks originate due to the easy accessibility of vulnerable devices.

Also, since the root cause of this problem has not been clearly identified, taking safety precautions when using a Windows 10 computer online seems prudent. There are some measures that they can take to ensure that they are fully safe and one of the precautions include using another trusted virus scanner.

A reliable antivirus can help pick up the pieces left by the Windows Defender which is the primary security tool. You can also take other precautionary measures like using a Virtual Private Network when using public Wi-Fi connections.

Customize Windows 10 security

Although Windows 10 does everything pretty much automatically, users do have a level of control over the security of their computers. You can customize the sort of protection needed and this is what has been recommended by Microsoft. There are various security options you can choose from and to protect yourself, focus primarily on the Virus & Threat Protection section.

That section can be accessed by going to settings, selecting Update & Security, and then clicking on Windows Security. From there, you can select Virus & Threat Protection and choosing Manage settings. There are other security features that you can explore from the Update & Security section.

Those security features include Firewall & Network Protection, App & Browser control, and Device Security. You can check these sections out and ensure that they are up to scratch according to your expectations and security needs.

Manually run a scan

Windows 10 constantly scans the device for potential threats and also monitors the device’s health. If you are concerned about how your device is scanned, there is a way to do it yourself manually. Some organizations and companies require that all employees to conduct a manual scan at least once in 2 weeks to ensure that nothing is amiss.

That can prevent a lot of problems from occurring and prevents sophisticated cyberattacks from happening. You can follow this principle by periodically manually scanning the computer used on a day-to-day basis for either work or personal reasons.

Another feature you can use is scanning an individual file or folder before opening it. That can be done by right-clicking it on File Explorer and selecting the option scan with Windows Defender. In settings, you can head to update and security and clicking on Windows Security. Afterward, click on Virus & Threat protection and running a scan at any given time of your convenience.

Windows Security real-time protection

Another section that can pose security concerns is real-time protection which can be disabled and enabled. Bear in mind that when this option is disabled, there will be no scans conducted by Windows Defender at that time. Windows Real-time protection is set to automatically enable itself to protect the device from malicious files and software.

Although that is true, you should also take matters into your own hands by constantly checking if this feature is up and running. That can be done by heading to settings and clicking on Update & Security, afterward select Windows Security and then Virus & Threat Protection.

Once new options appear, select on manage settings and you will see whether real-time protection is on or off. If it is off, you should immediately turn it back on to protect the computer from cyberattacks. Checking whether this feature is on is essential if you have fiddled with it before by temporarily disabling it.

Be very comprehensive when scanning

When running a manual scan, you will have a variety of options to choose from, starting from a quick scan up to full scan. Running a quick scan every now and then can help with protecting the device and it also has the benefit of taking less time. It is quite handy but that is the option most users have complained about when scanning their Windows 10 computers.

The quick scan poses the risk of missing certain crucial files when scanning the computer. Therefore, it is essential to be as comprehensive as you possibly can. On the same page where the option just discussed appears, there is a part with a full scan on it.

It is the most recommended method of scanning but because it takes a while, you can schedule to run this scan at certain periods. You can also access the option of scanning a certain folder only on the same page with all the options just mentioned.

Other fixes

To ensure that your scan is comprehensive, ensure that the exclusion option is disabled when scanning. That will make sure no file is left unscanned and there are other security fixes you can implement apart from this. They include:


  • Disabling the WebClient service
  • Disabling the Details Pane on Windows Explorer
  • Disabling the Preview Pane on Windows Explorer

These options should improve the general security of your computer and do not require assistance from technicians.

The bottom line

Cybersecurity should be at the forefront of all your concerns and there are measures you can take to improve computer security even when using Windows 10. Following these steps included in here can help prevent sophisticated attacks from the computer you use for work or personal purposes.


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