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No Pixel 4 Series For India!!!

At today’s Made by Google event, a lot of exciting products launched but the centre of attraction is surely the Pixel 4 series. Both these new flagships have some really cool features like 90hz display, upgraded camera both in terms of software and hardware, etc. One of the new features here is Motion Gesture. Now, this feature is getting trouble for these Pixel smartphones to launch in Indian. How? Let’s discuss this.

Sadly the new Pixel 4 series won’t launch in one of the most competitive markets i.e. India. And the sole reason behind this is the Motion Gesture feature. For this feature, there’s a radar named ‘Soli’ which restricts these smartphones to launch in the country. Actually this Soli radar has a frequency rating of 60Ghz, and the Government of India doesn’t allow any device with 60Ghz frequency for unauthorized civilian use. It’s allowed only for high-level Government agencies and the Indian Army.

So if Google wants to launch the Pixel 4 series in India, they need to remove Soli from the devices. This means Motion Gesture, as well as the 3D Face Unlock feature, has to be removed. And as these Pixels don’t have a fingerprint sensor, there won’t be any reliable security unlock system. Also if they remove this radar, they need to re-design the whole device from inside, and a whole new software development will also take place. And doing this much won’t cost Google a profitable bid because previous Pixel smartphones had a below-average sales.

So that’s all the information we have as of now. Well, it’s a wise decision by Google to not launch the Pixel 4 series in India. We hope that the Indian Government will give permission to Google for using 60Ghz frequency because right now that’s the only possible way for Pixel 4 to get launch in India. Well, what are your thoughts on this one? Are you disappointed with this news or not? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned with us for more information.

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