Google working on a new YouTube music streaming service and it will be launch in early 2018

Now Go Live On YouTube Easily

Google always bring new features to make life easier for their users, and now the company has updated the YouTube and it will allow you to go live without any more efforts.

Till now you need to download and install encoder software, then record your video through the encoder and then link the encoder stream on YouTube, which is a bit confusing and require an extra effort. Well, now YouTube has brought a new feature which will allow you to go live without any help of third-party software.

If you need to go live on YouTube, just head to or simply select “Go Live” option from the drop-down where you would usually upload a video. Once you step in the live stream page, just go ahead and start your stream. The developers of YouTube has made it too easy and it should be done from the beginning.

Right now, the feature is only available in the Google Chrome browser. However, the company is planning to bring the feature to more browsers very soon. Apart from this, the Mountain Company also gearing up to bring the feature to mobile devices as well, but it is not via the YouTube app. The company is planning to bring the feature directly to the camera app of your device, the company is planning to give the live stream button in your camera app and the stream will be connected to the YouTube account. However, there is no timeline has given for the rollout of the feature. The company is also said to select devices from smartphone brands such as Motorola, Nokia, LG, Asus, and Samsung in the coming months.

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