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Now No Need To ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ In Windows 10

The USB drives play an important role in our everyday life, we connect various types of USB drives such as pen drives, data cables and more into our PC and we have to eject the device by clicking ‘safely remove hardware’ option, instead of removing that directly from the PC, and this is for the safety of the data which is stored in the device. However, the tech giant Microsoft is going to change this setup.

Well, with the latest build 1809 of Windows 10, the tech giant Microsoft has changed the default settings which are for the USB drives and other removable media. And that means the default policy now being applied to removable storage devices is Quick Removal and not Better Performance. So, now we can remove the USB drive from the PC without any issues and by clicking the option.

If you are on the above mentioned build, you can manually change the policy, then head to Disk Management, now right-click on the label of the device and then select ‘Properties’. Then go to ‘Policies’ and select the option you wish to use.

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