Now WhatsApp Group Admin Can Stop Members From Sending Messages In Group

Now WhatsApp Group Admin Can Stop Members From Sending Messages In Group

The developers of world’s most favourite instant messaging application WhatsApp testing features from last year to give maximum power to the admin of a group and the developers rolled out the ‘Restrict Group‘ feature to give lots of power to the group admin. Well, now WhatsApp has rolled out another feature called ‘Send messages’ and it gives an ultimate power to the admins.

As the new ‘Send messages’ feature will allow admins to block a particular number or a certain number of members from sending messages to the group. Admins can able to block members from sending messages by heading to the Group Info and select the Group Settings then tap on the Send messages menu and select the ‘Only admins’ option. Once you select the option, only admin can able to send messages to the group.

Moreover, after selecting the option, other members of the group will see a message which will read “Only admins can send messages”. Having said that, members of the group will get an option which will allow a member to quickly contact the admin of the group if they want to send a message to the group. And the admin can temporarily allow the members to send messages or he/she can pass the message of the members himself.

So, what are your thoughts about the new feature??? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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