OnePlus Is More Preferred Brand Than Apple In India

Soon We Will See 5G Smartphone from OnePlus

Apple, the popular smartphone brand has a great fan base and I don’t believe that I need to explain more. In India, people believe that Apple is something prestigious and feel proud to own Apple device. But today I have a shocking news for the fanboys of the Apple. We got a report which suggests that people now prefer OnePlus over Apple for their next smartphone.

According to a report, 36 percent of the people who participated in the survey selected the Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus as the favourite choice for their next premium smartphone. As the products OnePlus are affordable and less expensive than other flagships. That said, Apple became the runner-up with 34 percent people and the South Korean electronics giant Samsung got the third position with 18 percent. And 59 percent users of the survey is between the age of 18 and 32 selected OnePlus. On the other hand, Apple and Samsung remained the personal favourites for the older buyers.

Well, the new report clearly says that the younger consumers of the country prefer affordable and powerful smartphones. And this is the reason why OnePlus is the leading brand in the premium smartphones.

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