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OPPO Revealed Their 10X Zoom Camera Module With 5G Smartphone Announcement

As we are going near to the MWC 2019 event, excitement is reaching to a new level. This year we are expecting some very good smartphones to get unveiled and prototypes to get showcased. Few companies are holding a pre-MWC event at Barcelona, and OPPO is one of them. At today’s event, OPPO discussed their upcoming project that’s based on Camera Zoom and 5G smartphone. So lets talk about the same.

OPPO announced their new camera setup through which we can take a whopping 10x optical zoom. This is a never seen case in the history of smartphones (Moto Z series is exceptional, it has the separate Mods which do the job). This camera setup consists total three camera modules. Primary camera is the 16mm ultra wide-angle camera with 120 field of view. Then the secondary sensor has 48MP sensor that has 28nm focal length. Lastly, the third camera has a telephoto lens with 160mm focal length. Don’t be surprise, there is the physics behind it.

Actually it is a 35mm lens but has a periscopic design along with a prism. This Prism actually reflects the incoming light at 90, forming that 160mm focal length. Also as OPPO is placing that ultra wide-angle lens as primary camera, it is considering the zoom to be 10x. If we place this 160mm telephoto lens on other devices like Galaxy S10, it will give between 4x or 5x zoom. Also, this prism is also used for optically stabilizing the image. This stabilization will not only be used for video stabilization and low light images, but also for taking sturdy images during the zoom.

Talking about 5G, OPPO along with Qualcomm announced that they will bring a 5G smartphone with Qualcomm’s flagship processor (Snapdragon 855 to be precise) by the 2nd quarter of this year. They mentioned that this smartphone will bring a revolution in 5G connectivity. They are partnering with many cellular networks like Optus, Telstra, and more.

So that’s all the information we have as of now. What are your thoughts on this 10x lossless zoom? Will it work the same as company is claiming? Also what are your thoughts on 5G OPPO smartphone? Let us know in the comment section below. Also stay tuned with us for more information.

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