Proven ways to improve your YouTube view count 

Youtube Resumes HD Playback on Smartphones with a Catch
Youtube Resumes HD Playback on Smartphones with a Catch

YouTube is by far the world’s largest streaming video platform serving a frankly bewildering 1 billion hours of video per day to its equally astonishing 30 million daily active users. 

Indeed, YouTube has become so popular that it now also ranks as the world’s second-biggest search engine, just behind sister company Google Search, both run by the parent firm, Alphabet. 

Tips to improve your YouTube viewership figures

However, as YouTube has grown to become such a popular platform with viewers and uploaders alike (currently it’s estimated around 500 hours of new video are posted every minute), it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for content producers to find ways to make their videos stand out and generate views. 

Unfortunately, the production quality is only just one part of the equation when it comes to generating an audience on YouTube so, if you find your videos aren’t receiving the views you think they deserve, read on for ideas and tips to improve your exposure and hit counts:

Ensure your titles are as descriptive keyword-rich as possible: As mentioned, YouTube is part of the same company as Google, the recognized king of search, so you can be sure the algorithms the service employs to match users with content are second to none. When titling your videos at the upload stage, be sure to use a keyword planning tool to research the best keywords and phrases and the ones most likely to attracts viewers.   

Use the description section to clearly and precisely describe your video – plus try to whet the appetite: The text you use in the description section of your video is vitally important if you want to attract the attention of users browsing for videos related to your subject. Again, you should ensure you use keywords here.

Tag your video: YouTube has a specific section in its uploader where you can add tags to your video. You should use the keyword planner linked above to help in this process but also remember that short-tail keywords tend to work best when it comes to tagging. 

To extend your audience, think about captioning and providing a transcript: Captioning is a great way to ensure the largest number of people can view your videos without any issues. There are multiple reasons why people might prefer to view captioned video ranging from watching your content in a place where volume wouldn’t be suitable (e.g., at work) to those suffering from hearing problems. Using a video captioning service will also mean you’ll have a transcript of the video content that you can feature in the description area – which will also hugely improve YouTube’s understanding of what your video is about. 

Use cards to promote your additional content: YouTube features a card system that allows you to promote additional content, encourage subscriptions, or link to your website at strategic moments during your video playback. 

Design your own thumbnail: The image you use as a thumbnail is massively important for attracting viewers to your content. Rather than just relying on the YouTube uploader to pick a random image, you should design your own, including adding descriptive text to bring attention to the subject of your video. Remember to note that this thumbnail image will appear if someone shares your video on another social platform, so it’s incredibly important to make it as visually appealing and informative as possible. 

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