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[UPDATE] Redmi Note 8 Pro May Get Qualcomm Variant, Redmi K30 Will Have MediaTek Chipset

(UPDATE : An Official from Xiaomi India named as Anuj Sharma has declined about the Snapdragon 730G variant of Redmi Note 8 Pro via his Twitter handle. So it’s a false leak. Stay tuned !)


Back in August Xiaomi unveiled the Redmi Note 8 series in China, and last month they launched both smartphones in India. Talking about the Redmi Note 8 Pro, it’s getting awesome response from the public, because it offers some great specs like Quad Camera setup, design, and performance. Though it’s MediaTek G90T is one of the most powerful mid-range chipset, certain things like proper Gcam support and good custom ROM support are missing here. That’s because there’s no Qualcomm chipset inside.


Redmi Note 8 Pro Snapdragon Variant :

Now today we got latest leak which says that Xiaomi may launch a Qualcomm powered Redmi Note 8 Pro. According to this new report the Snapdragon powered Note 8 Pro with model number M1912G7BE and M1912G7BC are spotted on China Communication Commission (3C) website. This new Note 8 is expected to power Snapdragon 730G processor, which is more or less equal to MediaTek G90T in terms of performance. But certain heating issues and no developer’s support makes users a think to buy this device. Now this Snapdragon 730G powered Note 8 Pro will be a beast with developer’s support.

This is very similar to what Realme is doing. They will launch Realme XT 730G in December with Snapdragon 730G processor, maybe to maintain the hype in market. But why it’s a bad idea for Xiaomi because Realme XT also had a Snapdragon chipset so the only difference will be in performance that too very slightly. But on the other hand current Note 8 Pro has MediaTek processor. So this Snapdragon 730G will not only make slight performance improvement, but will also add support for Gcam and custom ROM support. So those who purchased Note 8 Pro by compromising both these things, will surely get disappointed.

Redmi K30 With MediaTek :

The same tipster also says that Redmi K30 is also on 3C, but it will go in opposite direction as compared to it’s predecessor. While it’s predecessor Redmi K20 has Snapdragon processor, this new Redmi K30 with model no. M1911U2E is supposed to have a MediaTek processor. Another thing which he mentioned is that this smartphone will have 5G network support. Here we can assume a reason that MediaTek will announce cheaper 5G enable processor before Qualcomm. But as we know that 5G is not implemented in all nations like India, that’s why companies do launch 4G only variant here. So it would be interesting to see whether Xiaomi will launch 5G variant of Redmi 30 or 4G only variant. And if 4G only variant than will they change the processor to Qualcomm?


So that’s all the information we have as of now. Regarding the Redmi Note 8 Pro with Qualcomm chipset, I am not expecting much here because it’s the first time we are hearing about this. So maybe more leaks will pop-up in future or maybe Xiaomi will tease this device? Well, what are your thoughts on both these leaks? Let us know in the comment section below. Also stay tuned with us for more information.



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