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Rolls-Royce may introduce cockroach like robots for Airplane engine inspection

Rolls-Royce came up with futuristic idea which was shown in some Sci-fi movies. Airplane engines are bigger enough to inspect while the engineers need to remove the engines from the plane, inspect and fit them back. This needs manpower and a lot of time in practical situation.

Rolls-Royce is working on making this inspection sinpler and efficient in time. A small bug which looks similar to cockroaches in appearance may enter the inspection procedure soon. The bug will enter the engine compartment without even removing the engine from it’s slot. They inspect with the help of miniature camera which scans the interior and let the engineers know about the fault.

Apart from these tiny robots, Rolls-Royce also introduced a dedicated periscope like device which could always be active within the engine so that if any repairs causing Damages arises it is easier to spot and save from further damage to the engine.

These robots are far away from current world practical applications. However, we expect that these robots will be experimented soon and may have its own job in their field with less manpower interpreting the inspection.

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